3 Ways to Make Money with Eat at Home

Instant Pot School Evergreen Funnel

Twice a year Promotions in Jan. & Aug./Sep.

Eat at Home Challenge

How to Get Started:

  • Select one of the three Eat at Home promotional opportunities
  • Follow the marketing plan for the promotion you select
  • Use the resources provided in each promotion to increase sales

How to Select Which Promotion to Start With:

  • If it’s close to January or August/September, start with this, and take advantage of extra incentives and marketing materials.
  • If you’re within 6 weeks before a big biannual sale, the easiest way to get started is to drive your traffic to the Instant Pot School. People who go through IPS convert to meal plan membership at a much higher rate than others.
  • Creating your own Eat at Home Challenge is the best way to engage your audience. We’ll walk you through the process and you can schedule your Challenge when it’s convenient for you.

What We Provide:

We've got you covered with an optimized, high-converting marketing strategy and all the tools you need to generate sales for all 3 promotions.

  • Swipe copy for email messaging
  • Swipe copy and creative for social media
  • Creative ads for your webpages

Select your desired promotion to get started: