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How to set Eat at Home Meal Plans as an app on your phone

If you love using your phone in the grocery or for accessing meal plans, you’ll love this.  You can set up Eat at Home Meal Plans as an app on your phone.  It’s easy to do!  Just follow along with these instructions.  This is for iPhone, but Android phones should be similar.

Log in and save to homescreen

Once you’re logged in to, click the rectangle with an up arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of your phone screen.  (On Android phones you’ll see 3 little dots in the upper right hand corner instead of the rectangle with an arrow.) That will bring up a menu that looks like the one below.  Scroll to the right to find the section called “Save to home screen”.

Now it will function just like an app!

Once you’re logged in, click the Weekly Meal Plans box or scroll down to click other things you may have access too, such as Breakfast Plans.

Once you’ve clicked the Weekly Meal Plans box, you’ll be on the “Start Here” page.  Scroll down to find helpful info on using the meal plans.

To find your meal plans for the month, click the month from the list.  You will likely only have 1 month showing if you’re a new member.  This is my list, so I have access to everything. You’ll see more months added as you go along in your membership.

Once you’ve clicked the month, scroll down to find links to all the plan types.

Clicking any of the four plan type buttons at the top of each month will move you down the page to the matching plan type.

Clicking any of the dates will open the menu for that week.  We include some links back to the blog for photos, however the recipes in many cases are changed and updated for our meal plans.  To find your recipes and grocery list, click the download button for either the Large plan (serves 6-8) or Small Plan (serves 3-4).

When you click to open the grocery list and recipe document, it will open as a PDF. The text is a bit small, but zoom in to read it more easily.