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EASY dinner solutions for real families.


Our super-simple meal plans will help your family
eat at home—even on your busiest nights.

We’ve helped 11,410+ families get dinner on the table fast!

Why I created Eat at Home Meal Plans

Hey there!  You’re probably here because you’re the one who makes dinner for your family.  I’m right there with you, because that’s one of my roles in my family too.  I’m also guessing you’d like some simple ways to make the whole process easier – from grocery shopping to cooking.

That’s exactly why I created Eat at Home Meal Plans.  I’ve put everything I’ve learned over the last 29 years of cooking for my family – through early marriage, babies, toddlers, school kids, soccer practices, working teens, hungry boys…. – all the tips and tricks that have helped me in all those stages go into the meal plans.

Keep reading on this page to find out more.  I’d love to have you join me and thousands of others who use Eat at Home Meal Plans to get dinner on the table each week!


Eat at Home weekly meal plans take the stress out of
“What’s For Dinner?”

Simple and Doable. Delicious. Kid-Approved. Budget Friendly.


Step 1.

Each month you get access to FOUR separate meal plans (Traditional, Slow Cooker, No Flour, No Sugar and Wholesome Traditional). Print the plans, color-coded grocery lists, and recipes you want for that month — there are plenty of options to choose from, even for picky eaters!

Step 2.

Make that night’s recipe (choices include make-ahead, freezer meals, slow-cooker recipes, instant pot instructions and other time-saving strategies).

Step 3.

Enjoy dinner time with family – without the stress!

Four Meal Plans to Meet Your Needs

Forget about complicated menus, hard-to-find ingredients, or time-intensive prep!

Your membership includes access to ALL FOUR of the Eat At Home meal plans:

Traditional Plan

The goal for our Traditional Plan is “family friendly!” This plan includes a variety of meats and vegetables, along with occasional meatless meals. The Traditional Plan incorporates the largest variety of recipes — all of which are kid-approved. Even your pickiest eaters will find a lot to enjoy.

Wholesome Traditional Plan

Looking for a way to incorporate more wholesome, traditional foods into your family’s life? This plan uses common ingredients found in your grocery store, just like our other plans, with an emphasis on natural foods — including a variety of meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Slow Cooker Plan

The slow cooker is the busy mom’s best friend. This plan provides the variety of our Traditional Plan, except every recipe can cook in your slow cooker. BONUS: Each month’s plan also includes one week of Slow Cooker Freezer meals that can be assembled in about 1 hour.

No Flour No Sugar

Healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated! This meal plan features easy, hearty and healthy recipes your family will enjoy that are still easy to prepare. We focus on creating meals that are big on the veggies and protein from whole ingredients that you can find in any supermarket. Enjoy a salad of the week and an optional easy protein of the week. No flour and no artificial sugars added!

Mix and match your meals according to YOUR family’s tastes — you have access to ALL FOUR PLANS with your membership!

I’ve used the meal plans for 2 weeks and it has changed my dinner/what to eat stress level dramatically! …I have used other systems in the past and they ended up having lots of meals we didn’t like. These meals have been SO GOOD with foods we like! Thanks!

--April R.

Eat At Home Member

We just finished our third dinner from your recipes and have loved all four so far. I’m not a confident cook but your recipes have been easy and quick which is really appreciated. Thank you for starting this program. I should have signed up a long time ago. 🙂

--Adria S.

Eat At Home Member

I am loving this… I went to the grocery store this weekend and spent $250 on two weeks of meal plans! I normally spend $300-350 a week! What a blessing and so easy! Thanks for all your hard work!


Eat At Home Member


Here’s Why You’ll Love Eat At Home Meal Plans:

  • 15 Minute Meals for those SUPER busy nights

  • Traditional, Slow Cooker & Wholesome Traditional plans – you get access to ALL four plans!

  • Access to the entire month at once so you can plan ahead and shop minimize your shopping trips!

  • Small family (3-4 servings) and large family (6-8 servings) plan sizes lets you avoid waste (or cook for leftovers!)

  • 1 Hour Freezer Stash Plans – a new plan each month to stock your freezer with 6 meals in 1 hour for the ultimate in time-saving meal prep

  • Color-coded grocery lists make it easy to swap out ingredients or whole meals

  • Printable recipes for easy cooking

  • Printable menus to hang on the fridge or near your calendar, so you (and your family) can easily see what’s for dinner

  • Instant pot instructions included for many meals in each of our plans!

Save time. Save money. Eat at home!

What others are saying about our meal plans…

“It saves me time and money every single week…”

love how easy it is to use Tiffany’s menu plans  each week ~ and how much they help save at the grocery store! In just a few minutes I can choose which set of meal plans to use, “shop” my pantry using the lists provided, and then head to the store. It’s saves me time and money every single week, and makes the dinner hour go so much more smoothly in our home!


Passionate Penny Pincher

“The kids LOVE the food…”

I LOVE Eat At Home Cooks meal plans!!!! I joined two weeks ago and have been so pleased! Last week I worked 65 hours on top of having a colonoscopy! Thanks to Tiffany’s amazing system, I was able to get the help of my husband with making dinner three of the nights last week. This meant no McDonald’s food and we skipped going out to dinner on Saturday night and saved a ton of money. With 5 kids I have found that I spend less and waste less food and money on groceries. It has already helped cut $50 a week from our weekly grocery shopping and the kids LOVE the food so it has been a win win! Thank you Tiffany King for making my life so much easier!!!!

Michelle Trout

“I save time and money…”


I save time on planning and money when shopping with this plan. Prep time is great when using the all crock plan. The color coding is very convenient for eliminating a particular dish. I save time and using a list keeps me focused as I shop.

JoAnn M.

“Thank you so much for taking the stress out of preparing meals…”


I love this plan! I just started and I think the dinner was a hit last night. At least my picky eaters didn’t complain. Thank you so much for taking the stress out of preparing meals. I think I am also going to make the freezer meals for my elderly parents who don’t like to cook anymore. I also found Amazon Prime Now where I can order food from a local grocery store and it’s delivered in 2 hours. It took me about 7 minutes to order the food for 3 days from your food list. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful gift for me and my family that reduces so much stress.

Patricia P

“DANG, that stuff you made is good…”

Thank you for your vision.  I have enjoyed using your services for the past 6 months.  Last night I made the Pepperoni Pizza Pasta for the first time.  We had a series of Basketball games for my boys so we did not get home until after 8, however, I had prepared it earlier in the evening.  My husband was craving meatballs from one of his favorite Italian restaurants and we just happened to be on that side of town.  I did tell him at the gym that I had dinner waiting and he called me on the way home (we were in two cars) and said “I can’t resist, I ordered the meatballs.”  So I rolled my eyes and moved on.  When he came into the den with his big bag of takeout he says ” I wanted this but DANG, that stuff you made is good.”

Rhonda Neal


“We are eating healthier and saving money…”


We spent less than $80 at the grocery store to prepare 6 meals with fresh sides. Using the slow cooker plan, dinner is ready on time with minimal effort. I like the color coded shopping list. We are eating healthier and saving money.

Stephanie R.

“Such a terrific service…”


KUDOS to you for offering such a terrific service…with two active high schoolers without drivers licenses I find I’m spending more time perfecting my Über qualifications than my kitchen skills 😉  Your 15 minute meals along with the slow cooker plan are sure to add some much needed variety to the couple dozen “go to” dishes I serve routinely. 

Linda G.

Mother of 2 high schoolers

“…My life has been so much less stressful…”


I just wanted to tell you that I have really been blessed by your Eat at Home subscription service. Coupled with the Walmart grocery pick up service, my life has been so much less stressful, and we are eating better than ever.


“…MORE than I expected!”


Hi! I just wanted to give you feedback that this meal plan was actually MORE than I expected!  You have done a fantastic job!  I have used a meal service before and it was always food that I would not cook or there’s no way my whole family would eat it. I looked through all of these meals yesterday and out of the whole month there were only a handful that our family wouldn’t eat (due to taste buds example: cranberries). I HATE meal planning. Like- it’s the devil to me. Hahaha. I feel like I always fix the same thing over and over and over again. But this is going to change that!!!  I don’t know how you do it!!!!  You’re AWESOME!


Thank you!

Lindsey K

Ready to Save Money, Save Time, and Eat At Home?

My Refund Policy

I Don’t Want You To Worry About Signing Up, So Here’s My Refund Policy.

Try our meal plans out with no risk to you.

If you aren’t satisfied in the first two weeks, let me know and you’ll receive a FULL refund.

You can also cancel your monthly or quarterly membership at any time, just by sending an email to (But we’re convinced you won’t want to… Once you try Eat At Home meal plans, you’ll fall in love with the simplicity, the ease, and the taste!)



How does it work?

Choose your membership level (monthly, quarterly, or annual) and then it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1. Each month you get access to THREE separate meal plans (Traditional, Slow Cooker, and Whole Food). Print the plans, color-coded grocery lists, and recipes you want for that month — there are plenty of options to choose from, even for picky eaters!

Step 2. Make that night’s recipe (choices include make-ahead, freezer meals, slow-cooker recipes, and other time-saving strategies).

Step 3. Enjoy dinner time with family – without the stress!

What if I’m vegan/paleo/gluten intolerant/allergic to peanuts?

We are very aware that many of today’s families are dealing with dietary limitations – by choice or by necessity. We encourage our members to make substitutions to meet your personal preferences. With three monthly meal plans to choose from, there are a lot of options!

That being said, all four plans — Traditional, Slow Cooker, Wholesome Traditional and No Flour/No Sugar — do include a variety of meat products, including beef, chicken, and pork — as well as ingredients that may include gluten, wheat, nuts, and other allergens. Our No Flour/No Sugar should be easy to use if you’re gluten free.

We encourage you to try the plans and make substitutions where needed.

Do I need special equipment?

While we don’t expect you to have a Cordon Bleu-level kitchen, our recipes do assume you have access to basic tools and ingredients. The exception is the Slow Cooker plan, which of course assumes you have a slow cooker or Crock Pot™. We also have started including some Instant Pot™ recipes, in response to member requests.

If you don’t have access to a slow cooker or pressure cooker, simply choose from the other menu plans — although when you read the rave reviews for some of these recipes, you may want to invest in these indispensable tools!

How often do you repeat recipes?

Unlike some meal plans, we pride ourselves on NEVER repeating a recipe more than once a quarter within the same plan. However, you may find that your family likes some recipes so much that they beg you to make it more often!

Remember that you have access to all THREE meal plans for even more variety, for a total of 72-80 dinner recipes a month – plus side dishes!

I live in the middle of nowhere. Will you have outlandish ingredients I can’t easily get?

With members located around the United States (and around the world, too!) we are very aware that not everyone has access to the same grocery stores. We specifically create recipes from ingredients found at most major grocery chains. If we include a specific brand or flavor, we will give substitutions as well.

Hi Tiffany! I’ve used the meal plans for 2 weeks and it has changed my dinner/what to eat stress level dramatically! I love the color coding grocery list. It’s just my husband and I so each week I don’t need to purchase items for all the meals. I have used other systems in the past and they ended up having lots of meals we didn’t like. These meals have been SO GOOD with foods we like! I have mostly used the wholesome traditional plan and lots of the crock pot meals. I love it!


April R.

Thanks so much. I work full time so I really just need to take the work out of meal planning. I just don’t have time. I love your recipes and your menu plan give us so many options that we don’t get burned out… Thanks for all you do. You make us who don’t have it all together feel like we do when it comes to making dinner for our families.

Jennifer C

Do I get all four meal plans, or do I have to choose?

Your membership includes access to ALL FOUR meal plans — Traditional, Slow Cooker, and Whole Foods. Mix and match recipes to suit your family’s tastes and needs.

My kids are picky. Will this be weird food they won’t like?

Trust me, with four children, I’m very used to picky eaters! The recipes included in all three of our plans are tested on real families with real tastebuds. The Traditional plan, in particular, is aimed at pleasing picky palates.

I’m not much of a cook--can I do this?

In a word, YES!

Many members share that they hated cooking, or had no idea how to cook until they started using Eat At Home meal plans. The recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, quick to make, and taste delicious. What more could you want?

What if I need help or have more questions?

Support is just an email away! If you have trouble with your account, just email for assistance.

Is it just main dishes or do you give sides too?

We give side dish suggestions for every meal and, they’re indicated on the grocery list in brackets so you can easily include them as desired. Recipes are included as well, if necessary. And you’ll also get access to one dessert recipe each week on each plan type!

How often do you send the recipes out?

Just log in to your member area to access your entire month’s plans, grocery lists, and recipes for all three plans. Plan as far ahead as you would like — it’s all there for you!

I am loving these menu plans! They have made me love to cook again!

Darlene J.

Hi Tiffany! We have just started with this and so far we love it! Great menus and I love the color coding. It makes it so easy. Plus I really love that I get traditional, wholesome traditional and crock pot menus. It’s so nice to have a choice:) Great job with these I’m really excited to have them and can’t wait to try them all!


More questions? Just email We can’t wait to welcome you to the stress-free cooking of Eat At Home meal plans!