January 2024


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Sale Dates: August 22-29

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January 9 - Last day!

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You can use a link shortener like Bit.ly or Ow.ly to shorten your affiliate link to use with your posts.

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SUBJECT LINE : I don’t want you to miss this

This week we’ve covered it all! But before we close up things in a few hours we just wanted to remind you - the Eat at Home Meal Plan deal ends at midnight tonight! 

 Now’s the time to act. The 30% off goes away starting tomorrow morning!

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Need to get back in a good dinner routine after the holidays? Using these family-approved meal plans makes dinnertime a success no matter what your schedule is! Use "FRESHSTART" to keep dollars in your wallet and a smile on your family's faces! (link)


If you struggle with making dinner time happen, you will LOVE these easy meal plans that do all the hard work for you! Color-coded shopping lists and printable tried and true family recipes make dinnertime a breeze! Use FRESHSTART to claim yours.  (link)


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Eat at Home Meal Plans takes care of all the “thinking” part of dinner by giving you the meals, recipes, grocery list and more! Say yes to making dinner easy (and save 30% through January 9!)


GOOD NEWS! Eat At Home Meal Plans have taken all the struggle, guesswork and misery out of meal planning even if:

- You have picky eaters. 

- You are trying to feed your family a more wholesome, nourishing diet.

- You aren't the world's best cook (or you hate doing it!)

- You need to get dinner on the table in 15 minutes. 

Check it out! (valid through January 9) (LINK)


Yes, you CAN have dinner on the table in JUST 15 MINUTES! This meal from this month's Eat at Home Meal plan is faster than waiting in the drive-through window most nights. P.S Curious about the Eat At Home Meal plans? Check this out! (sales page link) 


If you cook JUST TWO dinners in the next 365 days from the menu plans instead of eating out, you will have more than paid for your annual subscription! Crazy, huh? learn more and use FRESHSTART for the best price of the year.  >> (link)

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How to Get the Best Results From Any Promotion

Here's what we've learned from our top affiliates:

  • People often don't respond until they hear things seven times. The key to a successful promotion is consistent marketing and follow up. Each email you send will increase your conversion rate.
  • Incorporate the promotion with your content. Create content around Eat at Home Meal Plans that meets the needs of your audience and gets them engaging with you. 
  • Focus on the needs and tensions of your audience. Eat at Home Meal Plans provides a simple solution for your audience.
  • The highest performing affiliates use the meal plans themselves and share their shopping and recipe making.
  • Share photos and videos of your shopping, cooking and meals. Share what works for you and your family as you use Eat at Home Meal Plans.
  • Use Motion Mail timer in emails and blog posts. These timers work especially well in the last days of the promotion.
  • Important: Always copy/paste your affiliate link directly from SamCart. 

Still have questions?

Email Tiffany at tiffany@eatathomecooks.com. 

Find more info about Eat at Home Meal Plans here.

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