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Instant Pot School is a free, evergreen promotion. Participants get a free Instant Pot meal plan, four video lessons and more.

Best Times to Use It

You can use your affiliate referral link for Instant Pot School any time, but a few weeks before one of the January or August/September sales works great. Participants in IPS have a 3X higher conversion rate during a promotion than others.

Marketing Strategy

  • Add your affiliate referral link for IPS to email newsletters, blog posts, and social media posts.
  • Add the link to any Instant Pot blog posts or recipes you may have.
  • Promote IPS with your affiliate referral link any time you’re promoting a sale on Instant Pots from Amazon or elsewhere.

Swipe Copy and Graphics

  • Email Swipe Copy
  • Social media swipe
  • Graphics

Right click and “Save Image As” to save the image.

How to Set Up Your Affiliate Links

It’s important that you always copy/paste your affiliate link directly from SamCart. Don’t copy/paste the link after clicking the link, because it will change and then won’t track your sales.

Login to SamCart and scroll down to your links. See the image below.

You can use a link shortener like or to shorten your affiliate link to use with your posts.

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